An interesting newspaper article about our bass player, Dean. Check it out…

Dean Snook, who hails from Tinonee, has joined a Melbourne band using music as activism.

Music with meaning: Tinonee man Dean Snook joins Melbourne band The Same Boat

Music serves many purposes and can be designed as pure entertainment or something much deeper.
For Dean Snook, who has joined a new band called The Same Boat, the focus is definitely on the latter.
The long-time musician and musical theatre performer, who grew up locally and owns a home in Tinonee but is currently based in Melbourne, said the songs are politically motivated, much like Midnight Oil was known for.
“It is basically activists, a band talking about environmental and indigenous issues and there are specific songs about anti-fracking and anti-coal,” said Dean.
“It’s relevant wherever you are.”
Dean, who had taken a break from musical theatre while he waited for reconstructive surgery on his leg (which he is now recovering from), had listed his musical credentials on an online network for connecting local musicians and bands called BandMix.
He was contacted by the founding members of The Same Boat, Glenn Allen and Scott Lewington, who were seeking musicians to play their music and asked him to audition as the bass player.
“This is what I used to do. I spent 10 years playing in bands. It’s easy to step back into it.”
They had already completed the first album, Let No-One Be Left Behind before taking on three new band members and now they are all collaboratively working towards their second album.
Dean describes the music as guitar-based rock and a few ballads, which are used to communicate their message.
“It’s harder with that sort of focus to get seen and heard.”
After reading an article by Midnight Oil frontman and former politician Peter Garrett lamenting the lack of politically motivated music, Dean has also written to him to share what The Same Boat are creating.
The band has already played gigs together at the end of last year and will play in Melbourne in February.
Dean said they are also planning an east coast tour during the first half of this year and Taree will be on the list.
“We want to end up doing work around here,” he said.